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Join EventBank at the largest gathering of Chamber of Commerce community in the US in 2019! This year in Long Beach in sunny state of California.

The multi-day gathering brings together more than a thousand influencers for meaningful conversations with peers and plenty of opportunities to learn about new technologies.

Chambers of commerce are about communities. They exist because of the members who join them. Today, as businesses and communities are more dependent upon each other and technology keeps on improving, the challenges of chambers are changing as well. But as Ryan Estis (and the Superman too) said in his keynote speech last year, there is a superhero in all of us, we just need the courage to put on the cape.

At EventBank, we are looking forward to the great conversations we will have at this year's ACCE Annual Convention at Long Beach. We want to learn more about your Chamber and tell you about some of the super powers we have and that chambers like Queens Chamber of Commerce, Tempe Chamber and hundreds of Chambers in 40+ countries around the world are already using for the benefit of their members.

You can book a meeting with us ahead of the time either by registering on this page or by scheduling a demo here

EventBankers You will Meet

Eric L. Schmidt

CEO & Founder of EventBank

Magda Halim

Global Partnership Manager at EventBank

Brian Jackson

Customer Success Manager at EventBank

Turkel Karimli

Account Executive at EventBank


EventBank Booth at #ACCE2019
Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center
300 E. Ocean Boulevard

Los Angeles, California

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