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At the core of any community, is a layer of common interests and characteristics that bring people together. However, a community doesn't flourish or even surge without the guidance of a source of leadership and engagement. Like anything meaningful, forming a community results from tireless work toward a common mission. But say you've managed to do the impossible, you've built a community of like-minded individuals, how do you manage and moderate them in a way that keeps everyone interested and engaged?

Join us as we discuss the fundamental principles you need to incorporate to successfully manage and moderate your community social media groups. We have gathered industry leaders that will share some simple but key strategies for managing a community. They will cover topics such as:

How to be a source of leadership and stability

Do not be emotionally invested in your community's natural ups and downs. Be a good listener, and understanding and give all members of your community of feeling of being heard.

How to establish and enforce clear guidelines

Before allowing anyone into your community, make sure your guidelines are clear and agreed upon. Remember, guidelines are a representation of the culture of your community. Keep guidelines enforced and watch your culture thrive.

How to enable engagement by encouraging interesting discussions

The ultimate goal of building a community is that it will be self-sufficient. Before that, however, you must encourage discussion to take place. You do this by regularly providing topics of discussion, knowing your community's interests, and building content around them.

Knowing your subject matter and being a thought leader

Being responsive and listening

You can't moderate if you can't respond and listen to your community's issues. Make sure you don't take them for granted and make changes based on their feedback to improve their experience and make them feel welcome.

Being organized and utilizing community management tools

Even the best community manager is limited, whether that be in time or resources. This makes it difficult to cater to your community members and properly manage their experiences. A community management tool is the best way to really remove the heavy lifting and focus on the fundamental 'reason why you manage your community in the first place- to allow people to be in the company of others like them.

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