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Building a strong member community revolves around two major factors: allowing people to be in the company of others like them and building engagement. These two go hand in hand and are essential not just in building a strong community but the long-term success of a member-based organization. Therefore, when we explore different strategies on how to build a strong community, we have to talk about ways to increase engagement. Regardless of the size of an organization, giving your members a common mission and engaging them throughout their member lifecycle is key to building a strong member community.

When we talk about chapter-based associations, it may seem that developing a strong community is more difficult given the size and distribution of your members. However, the principles of engagement and connecting members to your mission remain equally true. Join us on the 14th of December as we discuss proven strategies to build a strong member community across your chapters and show you how you can use technology to enable a deeper connection to your mission. Be part of the discussion and hear our thought leaders discuss their experiences, strategies, and tools to build a strong member community.

Some of the strategies we'll cover are:

  • How to increase communication with and amongst members
  • How to articulate your mission and make it meaningful
  • How to be consistent with your brand and communicate the value of your membership
  • How to save time and use the time saves to build member engagement
  • How to rally your chapters behind one common goal
  • What technology to adopt to build community engagement

Register above and listen in to our experts discuss some proven strategies that will set you and your organization up for success!


Eric Schmidt (CEO and Founder of Glueup)

Eric Schmidt

CEO and Founder of Glueup

Patrick Shanahan (Enterprise Sales Manager at Glueup)

Patrick Shanahan

Enterprise Sales Manager at Glueup

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