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What is expected of associations today? With more technology, software, and digital platforms available than ever before, learn what associations are doing to deliver the value proposition to their members,while driving engagement and adapting to the digital world.

Focusing on members' journey and experience is the most effective way to enhance their satisfaction, increase retention, and drive repeat customers. Associations can dive deep into Member Experience strategies, along with member journey mappings, to deliver an enhanced member experience that supports retention, growth, and engagement.

Understand how the pandemic has forced Associations to improve their member value proposition and gain tips on how to successfully communicate this with membership. Learn how Associations have ensured membership renewal in these trying times. Discover new and innovative ways to engage members in a virtual setting in the areas of networking, events, or workshops.

Key Takeaways:

  • Driving client engagement and retention
  • Adapting to a digitally transformed membership value proposition
  • Ways to enhance client satisfaction and drive repeat customers
  • Member experience strategies and best practices
  • Importance of Events, Marketing, and Communication in increasing member retention
  • Tips for successfully managing change and improving member journey mappings


  • Vinicio Guzmán (Founder & CEO of Hispanicpreneurs)

    Vinicio Guzmán

    Founder & CEO of Hispanicpreneurs


    Vinicio Guzmán is a bilingual professional fluent in both Spanish and English. With a passion for business expansion and helping small businesses thrive, he has gained extensive experience and expertise in various areas.

    As the founder and CEO at Hispanicpreneurs, since 2020 the organization has been instrumental in empowering small businesses to reach new heights. Through a comprehensive range of services, including workshops, trainings, entrepreneurship programs, and digital marketing solutions, Vinicio provides entrepreneurs with the necessary tools and insights to enhance their business performance. He is particularly skilled in digital marketing and specializes in developing and implementing strategies to establish a strong online presence and drive measurable business growth. His focus extends beyond business expansion and IT support. He is deeply committed to fostering a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem. Through specialized entrepreneurship programs, Vinicio provides guidance, mentorship, and networking opportunities to aspiring entrepreneurs. These programs aim to cultivate innovative ideas, nurture talent, and support the creation and growth of successful businesses. He also emphasizes the importance of digital marketing strategies in driving brand awareness and customer acquisition. By offering specialized digital marketing training, Vinicio empowers businesses to leverage online platforms effectively and connect with their target audience.

    Vinicio is also the co-founder of Fides Tech Solutions, an IT Solutions company based in Maryland. For more than 10 years, the company has excelled in providing comprehensive IT support services to small and medium-sized businesses. Vinicio has a knack for troubleshooting technical issues, resolving software and hardware problems, and providing prompt and effective IT assistance. Cybersecurity is a top priority at Fides Tech Solutions, and he leverages his expertise to implement robust solutions tailored to clients' unique needs. He works closely with businesses, acting as a strategic planning partner to align their technology infrastructure with their long-term goals, optimize efficiency, enhance productivity, and drive business growth.

    Vinicio's ability to stay updated with industry trends and emerging technologies enables him to provide innovative solutions and maintain a competitive edge. Throughout his career, he has prioritized customer satisfaction and built long-lasting partnerships. He takes pride in delivering exceptional client service, understanding unique challenges, and providing personalized IT solutions that address specific requirements. His responsive and dedicated approach consistently exceeds expectations and delivers value to clients.

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  • Eric Reedy (Sales Manager at Glue Up)

    Eric Reedy

    Sales Manager at Glue Up

  • David Zelaya (Account Executive at Glue Up)

    David Zelaya

    Account Executive at Glue Up


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