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Don't let anyone tell you managing events is easy!

You need to plan, promote, execute and follow up all in a matter of days.

To do this, you need a flexible and reliable tool that enables you to automate your processes and modernize your operations.

Glue Up's all-in-one event management suite comes equipped with an ecosystem of interconnected modules, all of which not only communicate with each other, but give you valuable feedback on RIO, conversions and registrations rates.

In fact, Glue Up's intuitive features allow you to save administrative time spent on your events by up to 33%.

Join us for a quick 30-minute demo and discover all the ways Glue Up can help you monetize your events!


  • Adrian Arora (Regional Sales Manager Canada at GlueUp)

    Adrian Arora

    Regional Sales Manager Canada at GlueUp

    Adrian has worked in 4 different countries helping over 500+ clients explore software solutions as primary investment for reducing pain points with their current proceses.

    At Glue Up, he has worked with over 50+ clients in the past 8 months to help them achieve their membership and event goals.

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