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A key component of every member based organization is being able to manage the day to day of running their members and finding ways to engage them and bring them closer together. In short, its a delicate balance of building a community while ensuring your internal operations are flowing efficiently. For the most part, we're led to believe that you must have multiple systems- one for the community and one to manage your members.

Let's take this to a new level though. How much more efficient do you think you'd be if you were able to manage your members and engage your community all under one ecosystem? Now, think about how much time and resources you would save by being able to consolidate all your solutions into one?

The foundation of Glue Up is to help member organizations build and engage their communities. However, we understand that building communities is intertwined with managing your members and their lifecycle. As a result, we have built an ecosystem where to create and nurture a relationship with your members all while the heavy lifting is automated in the backend. Embark your journey to community-led growth with Glue Up, your digital transformation vehicle..

Join us April 5th from 12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m. EDT and discover how one software is able to do it all!


  • Eric Reedy (Sales Manager at Glueup)

    Eric Reedy

    Sales Manager at Glueup


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