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Here at EventBank, we hear from Association leaders all the time that they wish that they had more time to learn from other leaders. Hence, we've created an event for peer-to-peer learning and the opportunity to share best practices with each other. 

The APAC Associations Executive Roundtables give leaders the platform to address the critical challenges that face associations today. You'll be able to connect with other industry leaders and peers in an intimate in-person sessions, gaining exposure to insights, trends, cutting-edge technology, and fresh perspectives through candid dialogue and interactions.

APAC Associations Executive Roundtables are invitation-only and are deliberately small, boardroom-style meetings to ensure everyone can participate and benefit from the discussions.

  • Invitation-only
  • Board-room style, table of 6-8
  • Each participants will have to pre-assigned a table
  • Rotating discussion to meet peers and share ideas
  • 3 roundtable discussing different topics on association management:

  1. Membership Acquisition & Marketing
  2. Membership Renewal & Pricing
  3. Board Management & Operations


Membership Acquisition & Marketing

In today's landscape, associations must be super agile, ultra responsive and adoptive to market changes that are important for survival. Associations continue to rely on "traditional methods" of delivering their services, such as in-person, by phone, or mail, but some are also taking advantage of technology-based methods.

Due to the velocity of information proliferation across multiple channels, different approaches to acquisition and marketing to (potential) members have changed, and so should the tactics and strategies to stay in the game. Associations will need to think more broadly about how technology can add value to membership, or perhaps even redefine "membership," to remain competitive and grow in the future.


  • How to adjust to changing member needs
  • How to honor the promise of membership in the age of information
  • How to create new sources of member value
  • How technology can add value to membership
  • How to measure membership value in the digital age

Membership Renewal & Pricing

So, you've just gone through the intensive work of getting a new member onto your list. After hours upon hours of constant meetings, they finally signed with your organization. All the hard work is over finally, right? Not even close. To sign a member is one thing but could you imagine if you went through all of this time and money for this individual to not renew their agreement with your organization the following year? Membership retention is key, and it is certainly one of the greatest challenges for most membership-based organizations.

Although there's an initial attraction when getting a new customer, membership retention is better not only when it comes to the amount of time, but also the money spent when trying to get a new contact.


  • Why the need to focus on onboarding is important
  • Steps to provide long term incentives to boost membership retention
  • How to customize communication channels
  • Why do associations need to adopt on a membership management software

Board Management & Operations

While a Board will help you coordinate and execute many of the operational tasks for your association, the board is volunteer-based, meaning the people on it will likely have full-time jobs and cannot devote 100% of their time to the association. Many Membership Managers find themselves caught up in a never-ending stream of administrative work, and are unable to focus their time on growing members and creating more value for the association.

For those who are in positions of leadership, keeping the association's mission front and center is key to maintaining the passion of board members and giving them initiatives to direct them towards, as a team.


  • How to celebrate board successes
  • How to hire and build a great board
  • How to communicate effectively
  • How to make board meetings matter


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